Hi, n00b here, would welcome your input on situation. Basically wondering if a bait/switch happening.

Legitimate retainer firm reached out to me last week with a position, I had a meeting with the recruiter yesterday (1st time meeting them), and today I was told the client would like to also talk to me about some other addition to the original. These other positions look like they report into the first position, and are less interesting.

Anything I should take away from this? Or do about it? Is this common for recruiters to do? The recruiter said the client requested they also show me these other positions.

For example I want to say "these other positions are not a good fit" b/c they aren't. Maybe the recruiter or client sized me up as less-than for the original position, and "demoted" me? Or maybe this is a positive in some way?

Over-thinking this b/c have not looked for work in a very long time, have been and still am gainfully employed. I'm bummed if they're not interested in me for the original position they showed me.

A fine response could just be "settle down you spaz".

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Love the podcast!

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I doubt it's a deliberate bait & switch from a retained recruiter. I would just tell them I'm not interested in these other positions, but remain attracted to the original position.

In my experience, a recruiter will appreciate you not wasting his time in a dialogue about a position you're not going to ultimately accept.