The baseball card concept introduced in the steel cage deathmatch episodes was very intriguing. I was hoping to find a sample from someone here on what factors to include for the stats.

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I attached a generic version of what I have used in the past to this post.

For Baseball cards to be really successful, it requires a supportative employee performance system and secondly, it works well to have your manager and peers on the same page in terms of thinking about employees. Although, if you have nothing in place today, you'll make a pretty strong statement by having these in your hand.

For stats, think about the following:

  • What shows upward momentum and growth? For example, average # of months between promotions
  • How long has the person been in a particular role?
  • How long has the person been with the company?
  • What has been their historical performance ratings?
  • Are they at the bottom, middle, or top of their salary band?
  • Are they or should they be considered for a "bench program" (where employees are groomed to take on bigger positions)
  • Are they a retention risk (meaning they are highly valued to the team, but may leave to grow their career)
  • Do they deliver ahead of schedule, on time, or typically behind schedule on their projects?
  • For managers consider adding the following:
  • Performance against budget
  • Employee Retention (what is the rate of good and bad attrition)
  • Employee Satisifaction and Feedback - If you have a survey that allows employees to evaluate their job and manager satisfaction


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I was wondering what it would look like.  I like the way you have organized the different subject areas.  It makes it very quick and easy to find exactly the information you need, when you need it.

Thanks again!


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Thanks for sharing.  Very concise and positive.


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"Execution" by Larry Bossidy briefly discusses baseball cards but doesn't provide a format for it.  However, when doing a "Continuous Improvement Summary" on staff it has the following headers:

1) Lists skills expected and then rates them indivdually as either excellent, at standard or below standard

2) Has a "Results Overview" broken down by the following headers:

- FY Performance Highlights

- FY Targets Missed

- FY Challenges

- Summary Strengths

- Development Needs

- Development Plan (not the whole plan, just a bullet point or two)

- Potential Next Moves (0-2 Years)

- Potential Next Moves (Long Term)

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Jeremy and Canuck,

Thanks for giving to the community with your Baseball Card example and information. It is appreciated!

Ken Morrison


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 Thank you Jeremy for great example!