BLUF: Is there any chance there could be a "basket" or "pin board" to mark/list the podcasts I want to listen to?

As I've finally had time to get back to MT and dig into all that I've missed and try to get my professional life squared away, I feel like I have ADHD - every time I think "This is the podcast I need to start with" I run across something else on the site that screams "Oh, I really need this one too!" and before too long, the sticky-notes I've written have disappeared, my Outlook Task list has become entirely unmanageable, I've forgotten where I left off, etc. If I could click "add to my Cast List" or something and then access the list in My Account (with possibly the option to prioritize them within that list) I'd feel like I'm making progress.

I'm also inclined to think that such a mechanism would help MT determine where the peak interest areas might be or where the pain points are in the field. If eighty-six of us add the same podcast to our list or you see that 26% of all Cast List items are in the Professional Development area, you might be able to expand offerings in that area (paid content or free.)

Meanwhile, I'll make do with my sticky notes and Outlook reminders and whatnot. Oh darn, there's just so much wisdom and knowledge waiting to be imparted to me that I'm having trouble keeping myself focused ... heh.

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@ashdenver, have you tried "favoriting" the podcast (button right below the shownotes)? If you do so, that podcast (or forum post, blog post, etc.) will be in the favorites portion of your account profile. Does that help?

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It helps a bit.  By favoriting on the desktop, I've been able to access the edited list of casts through My Account via my phone (where I have audio) to listen. That's way less painful than pulling up a cast on the desktop and hand-typing the URL on my phone to listen to it. There's still a tiny challenge in sifting, sorting and prioritizing but starting with the collected works I want to listen to is greatly beneficial. I have no earthly idea how you guys keep up with all the content you've created - what's been done, what still needs to be done, what could use an update. There's so gosh-darn-much of it - thank you!

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When I find a page that I want to come back to later I just leave that tab open for days on a tablet.  Favorites sounds way better - thanks.

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I swear I wrote a reply to @mauzenne about the tip - it helps and works great. I browse on the desktop and Add to Faves there and then can use the Favorites on my phone to listen later. (No speakers/sound card in the work desktop.)

@williamelledgepe, tabs would be great at home but work policy requires desktops to be restarted every evening so I'd lose all my tabs daily. I definitely do that on my personal devices at home.