Hi all,

I began my career with the UK arm of an American software/services company almost fourteen years ago. During that time I've followed a purely technical career path and am now responsible for managing the technical quality of our EMEA services business.


Our manager has recently decided to seek his fortune elsewhere and I've been asked to pick up his duties along with my own. So now I find myself responsible for the glorious future of seven talented individuals (plus three requisitions) in our UK North-West office with only my wits to protect me!

My habit is to research, research, research whenever I encounter a problem outside of my experience and this time my research brought me to! I have to say this site looks like a dream come true from where I'm sitting right now!

I'm busy downloading everything I can and I'm sure I'll have many questions I hope you guys will be able to help me with.

So, I'm glad to be here, and thanks for having me!


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Nick, welcome to the M-T forums! Your directs are lucky to have a manager that cares enough about self development to find Manager Tools!

The best thing about using the new members-only feed is that you can easily have access to all of the shows so I'm sure you'll keep yourself busy with them all!

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The trivial problem I have to overcome with respect to the podcasts is the fact that our corporate IS group has put a block on mp3 files - looks like I'll have to download those at home. ;) I'm loving the forums so far, though!


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Hello Nick,

It looks like we are going through the same thing. I've been a long time manager Tools listener and like you have recently (like within the past 48 hours) been promoted to manage the IT department - ten programmers and systems analysts.

Trouble is, while I was at company manager level I was a single person department that was an offshoot of IT. And never in a 30 year working life have I ever had to manage staff apart from a casual admin person . Or had control of a budget. I haven't been in a box, it is just that my roles have tended to be fairly specialised in a specialised industry.

Luckily I have worked closely with the people (all men) that are now reporting to me so I know them all, and we have worked on projects together so I have a pretty good idea of their skills, experience and working style. And they mine. Part of me is looking forward to the challenge, part of me is terrified.

But at least I have many hours of Manager Tools training to fall back on for practical advice and training! Personally, I do all my reading and downloading outside of work and listen in the car while commuting. It is like having my own private coaching session!

Best of luck to you in your new role, wish me luck in mine... ;-)


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Good luck! :)


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Our long time members and long time managers are pulling their hair out right now Nick, knowing you have all this stuff before you even start.

Don't post a picture. LOL! :wink:

We're glad you're with us... but more importantly, your staff will be too.


[PS: Don't get confused. You haven't taken on additional duties on top of your own. You have a NEW JOB in which it would be good if you got your old work done. Don't hold on too tight to the old stuff, and when you don't know what to do as a manager, go back to that. You're a manager now. It's easier to get fired for messing that up (you affect others whom we pay dearly for) than for blowing some deadlines from your old role. - H]

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Thanks for the advice. I've learned a huge amount from manager-tools and now I have to go ahead and put it into practice!