I work as a senior software engineer with technical leadership responsibilities at the company I work at.

My job so far required: interpersonal skills at the team level, operational project management, candidate interviewing and presentations on technical topics.

Now, my superior left for a week and left me in charge of the team in his absence. Which of course is a test.

One of my tasks is to scheadule a functional specification review meeting from a client this week.

I've called the client and she told me to leave my contact to her assistant and that she will call me. The client is a head of a department from the local municipality.

What should I do:

1. Call her.

2. Call her assistant.

3. Wait.


My goals:

1. Scheadule the meeting before friday (on friday I'm on a business trip).

2. Scheadule the meeting.

3. Not irritate the client.

4. Execute the meeting flawlessly.


Thank you.

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If the client said "leave my contact to her assistant and that she will call me" then that's what I would do. If you don't hear from her by Wednesday afternoon then call her back and follow up.

Next, if you haven't yet, go listen to the "Meeting" casts. They will make your meeting better and help impress your client, which will impress your boss.

There are more casts on advanced meeting topics but these are the basics and will improve your meeting effectiveness.

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