I run a small warehousing company and recently heard about Manager Tools, so I signed up and gave the Interview Tool a try for an upcoming hire.

The problem I'm finding is that the questions it came up with seem very geared toward higher-level positions, whereas most of our staff is very entry level. I was hoping that the Interview Tool would be a good starting place but I think if I asked those questions I would get blank stares for quite a few of them.

For example, I'm currently looking for a worker in my warehouse to pick orders. Most anyone is able to pick an order with very minimal training, but I do not want to hire just anyone. There are certain people who pick much slower than others as they do a lot of standing around or talking to others excessively. Others are just sloppy and make a lot of mistakes.

So really I'm looking for someone who works reasonably hard, pays attention to detail, and gets along well with others. They don't really need any special skills or knowledge. If they can come up with ideas for improvements in the warehouse then great! But that's not a job requirement.

I'm having trouble thinking of many behavioral interview questions to get to the heart of this, but I'm pretty new to Manager Tools. Are there resources for these kinds of questions? Thanks.

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Sounds like you already identified what qualities you are looking for: someone who works reasonably hard, pays attention to detail, gets along well with others, and makes few mistakes.


Make behavioral questions about those things.  Something like "In our company, we pride ourselves on making sure that the orders go out right.  Describe a situation where you had to make sure that errors were avoided.  How did you ensure success?"


Then you can assess if the candidates have the qualities you are looking for.



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I agree on what mentioned above. You do not question skills but, the behavior of the applicant. I remember when we hired this certain employee, the task is only simple yet, he is very persistent and hard working. Hope you can find someone like him.

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I personally encountered a scenario like this but, I'm the one who is suggesting to change the procedure. However, my proposal was rejected due that it was costly. Yes, its costly but, in the long run, its a way lot cheaper and reports will be more advantageous. But, this rejection did not hinder me in giving future suggestions. So, I guess, it depends on the attitude of the employee.

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I'm dealing with this right now. Thanks to the OP for posting this...and also to those that responded. I've got a clear view of how to move forward.