Is there a good framework for answering Behavioral Situational scenerio's for a sales position? 

I had an phone interview by a 3rd party (ie DDI, PrincentonOne) with a series of these Behavioral Situational questions...

Example:  What would you do if you had a conflict with a sales coworker that was overly agressive toward the company's best customer?

For regular behavior questions, BLUF works great, but what about these hypothetical situations?  In this particular interview, I was stated my intended "bottom line" or outcome,  then some hypothetical behaviors and what I was trying to accomplish. 

Any feedback would be appreciated as far as framework or structure on developing an answer.

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Hypothetical questions, apart from being stupid and poor predictors, are NOT behavioral questions.  They're just...hypothetical.

The answer here is peer feedback (If in fact the supposition is that you were a peer).  Tell them what you would do, and use actual words (steps two and three).