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Hi all,

Do you have any suggestions of books or other reading material that would help a High SC to understand how to behave differently so as to address some of their characteristic weaknesses?

I'm looking to help a direct report address roughly the MTDISC's first two paragraphs of likely weaknesses:

High S/High C’s sometimes get bogged down in the details. If you need to know something that isn’t known, that may delay your work, to the irritation of others. You may want to spend more time discussing details, when a project leader or teammate believes it’s relatively unimportant. This can strain your relationships.
Others may see you as distant or unfriendly. When you are particularly concerned, others may hear your comments as blunt, or tactless. You see it as stating the facts, but when others disagree, this can lead to tension.

I'm looking for a book that has actionable recommendations along the lines "ask yourself whether you think you can resolve the detail yourself, and if so, plan to do that, rather than not starting your work until it's resolved by someone else".  I'm comfortable asking for the behaviors; I'd like the descriptions of behaviors.

I'm not looking to convince my direct with the book.  I don't think that simply reading a book will change their mind.  I'm looking for a list of suggested behaviors that they can follow even if they don't (yet) believe me that it will help.  I can try to write such a list myself, but I'd ideally like to use something that's already well thought through and tested, rather than something that I'd need to iterate on.

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

(Also, if there's a Manager Tools podcast episode that suggests behavior changes for high SCs—rather than how to interact with a high SC as the other person—please point me at it!  I've looked through the Map of the Universe and searched "high C" but didn't turn up anything promising.)


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"START HERE | MTDISC | MTDISC High S" and "START HERE | MTDISC | MTDISC Groups / Combination Profiles" sections seem like they'd contain relevant podcasts.  eg "Task Management and the High S" under the first, and "DISC - I'm A Combination" under the second.