I have never been in a situation like this and I am sure I handled this badly. Advice needed.

The situation:
I (and others) have had sporadic conflicts with a coworker. There are several incidents of him yelling and verbally threatening others. When it has happened to someone outside our group, HR has been notified. But all internal incidents are mitigated by the director.
My last incident with him was 2.5 months ago. He was taking a very phisally intimidating stance and yelling threats at me. There was no actual physical contact, but there was a very real possibility of me being pushed over a second story rail.

Other than his fits of rage and threats, he is a great worker. Very productive and very well liked by upper management. I do like his work.

The issue:
He is now being assigned as my manager by the Director. I obviously don't feel comfortable with this.

I have gone above my Director and informed our VP that I cannot work under this person. I truly believe the VP does not know of the internal incidents, but does know of the proposed manager's disposition, which the VP calls "passionate". The VP does know of the incidents where HR was involved.

I have 1 on 1 scheduled with the VP to discuss.

There are no winners in this situation, but what can I do to come out wounded, but alive?

One additional bit of info. My field is very specialized. If I need to find a new job I will have to move to another city. This means the kids get pulled out of school and the wife also needs to find a new job.

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Document the abuse with exact times and dates with sensory specific information. If the law allows, video tape or audio tape using your smartphone. If it is really a bad situation and HR hears what you recorded, they should let him go.

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Thanks Tony

The director did not believe me. He then started listing all the items I had done wrong in the past. Worst item was openly questioning management direction. (This was 5 years ago before I discovered MT)

The VP did not make a judgment on the incident other than to say there is a personality issue between myself and the prospective manager. He made some calls, and another Director was very happy to accept me to his team.

End result is I am moving to a new job within the company. I take this as a huge positive. The new Director has already had a one on one with me to discussed my career path. He has big things planned for me.