Just a little experience from an interview I sat yesterday.

I was being interviewed by the IT Operations Director and the Customer Services Director as my role previously was a hybrid of both areas.

Clearly two separate area's with each interviewer asing question specific to their section, and boring to the other party.

I found myself focussing on the person asking me the question and decided that I needed to bring the other person into the discussion. If not verbally then definately gesturing to them, eye contact etc. including them really.

What I discovered is that the Client Service guy was doodling and when he realised that I was actively including him, he stopped, sat up and started (well looked like) he was listening.

Really what I'm saying here is try and include everyone interviewing you.


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Hey Julian,

well done for noticing the drooling .. and for doing something about it!

One of my secret interview tests is does the candidate include the HR bird - and can you explain your technical competence to her? If you ignore me.. don't think I won't be including that in your feedback... and much as you might hate it, my opinion does count!