Help, I am being laid off in a few days. I am a temp, my company told me that I was going to be let off from October to January. I have some temp work lined up and I really wish I that could keep working at my current company. I know that there are openings at my company and there maybe opening in my own department soon. I am struggling to keep my head in the game, stay positive and focus on my work. Arrrrgggg!! What do I do to not show how upset I am to my co-workers and customers?

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Remind yourself that you'll have the best shot of 'getting back in' or getting into one of those openings before leaving if you do just that.  Show you can leave professionally.  Don't burn bridges.  I know managing emotions is easier said than done, and stress that comes with job loss is bound to make it rough.  Things that might help:

Put the worst case scenario in your mind.  Realistically, not emotionally.  I don't know what yours is, but I think for the majority of people it's this:  "Ok, so I end up unemployed.  Say everything goes south and I can't find a new job.  After a while I'll have to lean on family members until I can recover.  It's uncomfortable, and I hate to ask, but I have that safety net.  I will survive, and hey, I'd probably be well fed.  Just leaning uncomfortably.  I'll get a new job eventually."  When you think about it in those terms...  yeah, unpleasant.  But that's all.  Just unpleasant.

Actively focus on the fact that being emotional gains you nothing.  It can only make me look less professional and make it less likely you left a good impression.  You don't have to be a robot.  It's not going to hurt you if they can see in your eyes that you're sad to leave.  Nearly everyone's been there.  But do you have anything to gain by venting at work?

The better you do in this exit period at your work the stronger your references there will be.  And the greater the likelihood of re-employment or being thought of when someone hears of an opportunity.

I wish I could offer up something more... actionable.  But emotions are a fuzzy thing.  You can only control how you behave.  What works for me might just make it worse for you, I have no way of knowing.  But that's how I "settle down" in a rough spot.  Hopefully it'll ease the burn a bit.