Hello all .. . hopefully the subject line will count as my BLUF . . .

I'm a fairly new (18mos in position) Controller for a small (~30 employees) fulfillment company. We've recently created and rolled out credit card functionality and integrated it w/ our warehouse/order mgmt systems, but we're having some problems w/ various 'loopholes' that were not foreseen or addressed during the creation of the tool. I'm now tasked w/ closing those loopholes, and with overall risk mgmt relative to the credit card functionality.

Is there anyone out there who's done this and would be willing to share some guidance re; documentation standards, QA practices, or just 'things to watch out for'? I'd be greatly appreciative . . . TIA.

ps. I implemented the MT meeting model for the first time w/ this project/group . . . our first meeting finished on time and I didn't get nearly the pushback or eyerolls that I feared . .. thx again M&M!