I am a candidate for a PM role with a multinational corp and my preliminary evaluation will include a questionnaire which ask big hitter accomplishment questions ; Best accomplishment, biggest/most complex project, example of one that could have gone better. 

My first instinct is to go with as many home runs/big hits as applicable, since if my response isn't impressive, there's no next step.  Is there any reason not to lead with my biggest and rely on alternative accomplishments if things progress and I need to reinforce? 


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I think your plan is good, only be careful to begin with an answer to the question.

I personally get really frustrated and defensive of the candidate when in an interview or performance review my direct questions are answered with alternative or evasive solutions. I find better to dress up the accomplishments than to give evasive or alternate answers. After you've offered a direct solution you might have the opportunity to explain or give other accomplishments.