How do you handle a survey designed to score points in the local "Best Place to Work" competition when it's not?

Though purportedly anonymous, there is a 'department code' (and why would you need that if this were simply a beauty pageant?) and, as a quick search on past Manager Tools forums shows, the managers quickly identify who does not give them glowing reviews. A particularly troubling question is: "Are you currently looking for other employment?"! Yes or No; no Manager Tools nuance of "I'm always looking for good opportunities, that doesn't mean I'm not happy here."

Ignoring the survey is an option, but one that is decidedly NOT anonymous. Besides, the 'if you can't say anything good . . . ' dictum aside, I'm troubled by the sin of omission in giving potential hires (not to mention the pubic at large when the next Business Journal comes out) a false favorable impression skewed by self-selection bias.

What behaviors have worked for you in the past and allowed you to keep both your integrity and position intact? Thanks.