Hey all,

Just wanted to get your opinion on which specific podcast I should recommend to friends and colleagues. MT Trinity basics? I find myself often wanting to tell people about the content here but with so many podcasts it can be tough to sort through them all.

Thanks for your opinion.


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The MT Trinity ones are classics.  I think if you're looking to convert people, the casts on effective meetings from 2005 are good ones.  Meetings are commonly done badly and the specific guidance on how to do them well can be quickly and easily absorbed.  I'd also specifically recommend the Hot Wash cast.  Anything with effective specific behavioural recommendations (isn't that all of them?) would be good, but I find relating the MT way to do things that most do badly gets the attention of the uninitiated.

Of course, there's always How to Handle Body Odor...

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...and some time here shortly, we're going to publish the Stephen Booth cast about the Trinity itself.  It won't be actionable..but it'll be powerful stuff about why this stuff works and why we share what we do.