BLUF: which would you chose?

1. Heavy cream-colored card stock embossed with the company logo to send a handwritten thank you note to the hiring manager for the second-round interview (hoping to get the third round video conference interview over the next couple of weeks.) 

[A concern of mine being his perception that "she's wasting company resources on something of a personal nature."]

2. Girly-ish blank note-card with a painting of violets on the front to send as a thank you note for that second round interview yesterday late afternoon/end of the day.  

[My thought being "I have it here so it can be timely, it's neutral-ish, still expressive of my personality."]

3. Wait to send the thank you note until tomorrow when I will be sure to bring in a plain white with black text "THANK YOU" single panel note-card (not a fold-in-half, more like a calling card, with the note written on the back) in appreciation of the second interview, expressing interest in moving forward in the process. 

[While I don't want to delay too long, I also don't want to misstep with the other two options.]

And yes, I know - I should just have a stockpile of the plain white cards/envelopes with me at all times.  Sorry, M&M!  LOL

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Ash, I’d plump for option 3.
1.       The company logo card is inappropriate for the reason you mention and you are acting in a personal capacity – the recipient will wonder if you act similarly in other circumstances.
2.       The violets are not professional – I made what I think was an error in sending the simplest, yet still patterned thank you card. It made a good impression, but as soon as I sent it I felt I had acted in haste. Patterns are frivolous and send the wrong message. Wait for the nice plain ones.

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Plain white!

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Thanks for the advice - I went with the plain white notecard in today's outgoing mail.  I only had to rewrite it once! (I hate when I have typos while writing things long-hand.)  I was concerned about looking like a slacker who was only marginally interested in the job by not having the TY note go out until two days after the interview (plus mail delivery time.)  You're all right that it's better to be tardy and professional than promptly unprofessional!

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