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 As we all know probably the best way to hire is from your bench of talent.  I've had some success doing this but as my network and teams have grown it becomes harder and harder to track and keep in touch with everyone.


Does anyone know any good tools out there specifically geared around this problem?

LinkedIn is a great tool and has been what I use when I'm looking for talent in my network and to help me keep in touch, but are there any tools dedicated to tracking your bench?

Do any of you have other innovative approaches to growing and tracking your bench?

My approach is pretty basic and mostly taken from Manager Tools' great advice.  I keep a list of people in my address book who've impressed me, and try to keep in touch with them via OmniFocus reminders.  I have a directory of references I've provided as well as performance notes I can go back to as well.  I also rely on LinkedIn and my memory. 

Any other suggestions or advice?

(I looked at recruiter software which solves a similar problem but really doesn't match what I'd like.  Examples: and