Hi All, BLUF: Would you accept an offer of promotion in current role over new role? Did I make a mistake in telling boss of informal offer? I received some great news yesterday - The job I interviewed for (within the same company) just after XMAS was successful and I got an informal offer over the phone yesterday. The offer if pending the review of a selection community which is standard practise within the company so providing everything goes OK next week I should get a formal offer. The hiring manager had planned to have everything completed by the 15th Jan so made a commitment to me during the interview that I would have heard something by the 15th Jan - otherwise would not have offered anything until he could offer something formally. Due to this delay I am in that position where by I should be getting a formal offer next week and feel slightly lost. I have notified my manager, out of respect, that I have received an informal offer and planned to accept any formal offer (he will need as much time to plan for my departure). I have a great relationship with my manager and while he is disappointment he is willing to support the move and will 'release' me when required - he could delay my leaving by up to 3 months. I did make it clear the offer is not 100% so wanted to give him as much notice for a easy transition if it did go ahead. The job offer is in a new role and completely different part of the company and I heard from my current manager that they are planning to offer me a promotion in my current role to keep me. While I am 'touched' by this planned offer I wonder if they really wanted me they would have offered the role before now. I have to admit... I'll be VERY sad to leave this area because I really do have an amazing boss and enjoy the role but because the role is temporary (promotion would be to permanent) I couldn't stand still. I 'think' the view of my manager's manager is I applied for this role to demonstrate to them that I could get another job so they need to think about making me an offer to stay - this was not the case but certainly appear that way. The best thing is: This was my first interview since joining the company at the age of 17 (I'm 22 now) and had little time to prepare for the interview since I was in Florida on holiday when I had the offer on an interview. I had a couple of hours to prepare because had to take care of things on my return so very please. I was told my performance during the interview and presentation was exceptional - I have to thank MT for this! I couldn't afford the interview series but all the podcasts, blog posts and forums have REALLY helped me grow and learn! Thank You!

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If you don't have the offer in hand and haven't accepted the formal offer, then I would not have said a word to my boss. Would you resign before you had a written offer from another company? No, because you don't know for sure that it will come. Anything could happen between then and now.

If you've done all the resignation preparation, then you will already be giving your boss ample notice. Giving notice that you might leave is never a good idea unless you're prepared to be shown the door at that moment.

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TOMW, I agree and have started to regret saying anything now. I'm in a slightly different position than the standard person which did influence my choice.

I work for a 100,000+ employee company and the interview was within the same company so I had to 'ask' my current manager for permission to have the interview - in fact the travel cost and hotel got billed to my current manager which is standard practise. My current manager is also in the same position to me, temporary role at a higher level, and has been asking if i've heard anything as he knew the deadline was approaching. Plus... he couldn't show me the door because of company policy and legal reasons but I get the point clearly.

If the same thing happened again... I would not have told my current boss irrelevant of the relationship with him and glad to be learning this lesson now!

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IMO, even if you hadn't told your boss, he'd have found out.

As for what to do... counter-offers are rarely effective for long.  Base your decision on what you truly want to do with your career.


  Good luck!

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 Hi All, 


Quick update - I got the formal offer in the end! I must admit I am glad that I told my current boss because of the way things worked out.

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Congratulations!  Glad it worked out for you...

John Hack