Training Badge
Submitted by Brian Suyat on


For a few years, I worked with a Safety Consultant at a manufacturing plant. The problem was to change people's beliefs and behaviors so that they would confront others and talk about safety (both good and bad situations). We had an incentive program that rewarded people with "Safety Bucks" for use at a company store -- trinkets, flashlights, lunch boxes.

Every year, as we updated the program, the Safety team would lament the fact that we were essentially bribing our folks into choosing the right behavior. I would comment, "We don't care right now WHY they do it, we just care that they do it correctly."

After five years, we had over 80% of our team members doing their Safety Observations once per month, and many of them had created such a strong habit that they would remind the managers how and when it was appropriate. When a behavior works and it feels good to do it, it sustains itself.