Mark & Mike,

Thank you so much for the very best tool in my management toolbelt! The details that you go into about Feedback, One-on-One's, Coaching, etc is wonderful.

However after listing to the podcasts for about 6 months, and looking over your favorite book list, I still feel like I'm missing the basics or the big picture.

Can you suggest a podcast episode, book, or online resource that just covers the basics and how the different models fit together, when each one is to be used, etc?

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the VERY kind words. We like being best!

There is nothing like what you're asking about. These are just tools for managers to use. You use O3s regularly, you give feedback when it's warranted, and you coach when you want to improve performance over a longer period and feedback is insufficient.

Managers exist to encourage effective behavior in the service of organizational goals. There are a million ways to do that, of course, all with their own levels of effectiveness. I have a theory of all this, but most people don't like it, because they have instances that "prove" their way right.

This isn't calculus, where there are things that are always so. When people get involved, things get messy. A tool belt is a good analogy, for now.

I don't think I've answered you completely... maybe you wouldn't' mind trying again...