I am a director and have always inherited or promoted my directs. In 3 weeks I will have a new manager from outside joining the organization. How do you on-board your managers? Any advise: things you wish you would have done, things you will never do again? Things that work well for you?

My current M.O. has been to create a 30, 60 and 90 day on-boarding (never have done this for a manager).

 It goes something like."

  1. First 30 days - Company standard onboard, which is a 2 week training with company intro, compliance, security, and benefits. After the two weeks I usually spend the next week introducing my policies, procedures, introducing them to key people in the organization, both those with and without titles. With intermingling of training on specific jobs, applications, etc.with their peers. At the end they generally know the who’s, what’s and how and where.
  2.  Second 30 days - I spend assigning tasks ranging from a few hours, to the last one being a week and from simple to insane. At the end of this time, i have a good idea of what I am working with and where I will need to focus.
  3. Final 30 days is different for each person based on their role, skill, and business need.  

I have some general ideas with a manager, such as establishing O3’s , some of the same as the first 30 days as non-management, but I am at a lost for the next 60 days. I have checked with my peers and most of them just “go with it” or IMHO have not been successful at it.