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I was asked to approach a senior exec in our firm (I'll call them Bill) to talk to them about their body odour to see if something could be done about it. It was affecting the people working in close proximity. Nobody else wanted to take this on, nor did I for that matter. Bill was notoriously self absorbed and I was dreading his reaction. Armed with the MT guidance I talked to Bill about it. He was shocked. Not once in 20 years with the firm had anyone said anything. He was totally oblivious.

Later I heard from my boss that Bill had spoken to him about it and was very appreciative that I had spoken to him and handled it sensitively. He had discussed it with his spouse and had taken steps to deal with it. The poor guy, 20 years and no-one (me included) had the guts to say anything! Better late than never I suppose. Also, my boss was very appreciative the issue had been addressed and that he received positive feedback from Bill.

If anyone has any doubts that this is no-go area to be avoided at all costs, just follow the MT guidance. Thank you MT (yet again).