Twice I've received a substantial Equity Award Bonus by my employee (a Forbes 100 enterprise). On the letters that I received it is said that the bonus is part of the company's Employee Retention Program. Would it be a good idea to write about these bonuses in my resume (looking for a mid/senior data scientist/engineering role)? If yes, how would one phrase it and where in the resume would it go? The bonus is not linked to one particular accomplishment.

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What I would suggest...other opinions may differ.

  • If the bonus was awarded for a specific achievement, include the achievement with the award.  Don't mention the bonus.
  • If the bonus was not awarded for a specific achievement or somethign you can tie back to a bundle of achievements by you or a team you lead, don't mention it.

Hope that helps.


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I agree with the previous comment. You do not have to mention it if the bonus was awarded to all members of your team. Or if you really want to mention it, you could put a positive spin on it: make sure you project yourself as a team player.

On the other hand, you can show the Human Resources department a payslip for the month or FY for which you were awarded the bonus. You can use that to negotiate your compensation.