BLUF:  I am looking for recommended reading material on hiring.  Specifically the interview process from the interviewer’s point of view.

I have have been a hiring manager for over 5 years now and have received little training or coaching on hiring.  I believe that recruiting is the most important aspect of my job.  Unfortunately I think too many companies fail to develop this skill in their leaders.  I have done OK up to this point, but I want to be excellent at hiring the right people.  Any recommendations are welcome. 

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How to Pick The Right People.


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You could consider Johanna Rothman's Hiring The Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds as well, if hiring technical people is involved.

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Thank Mark and RAULIX.  I will order both.

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"Interviewing and Selecting High Performers" by Richard Beatty. 

Highly recommended.  Very practical and thorough.  I have used this model for numerous hires with excellent results.