Hey everyone,

I'm about to start a course on negotiating as part of my MBA program this fall, and I want to do some reading in advance. Does anyone have any recommendations for good books on the subject?

I've seen and heard of 'Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In'. Has anyone read it? Is it any good? Are there better books on the subject?

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I would also recommend:

In Business As in Life, You Don't Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate by Chester L. Karrass

I took an in-house class based on this a few years ago and use a lot of it regularly.

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I HIGHLY recommend "Getting to Yes", by Fisher. I have taught on Negotiation using these techniques, which are known as the Harvard Negotiation Project. It is exceptionally good, and teaches a model that fits with the Manager Tools relationship approach.

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I reccomend: 'Influence: science and practice' by Prof.Robert Cialdini.

It's more about persuasion and it's a very good book.

There is also a good and cheap speech (not very good sound quality but good in content) on



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I have also really liked Negotiate this! By caring but not that much: Herb Cohen. Very practical advice.

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I'll also recommend Winning em over by Conger since I just recently finished it. Its not exactly a book for negotiating but I think it will help to set the mindset of how to convince/influence others which can be an important part of the communication for negotiation. It was an excellent book and the manager tools recommendation was definitely accurate.

I learned a lot from it and am planning to follow through with Cialdini's influence book soon as well.

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Do you have any recomendations for podcasts on sales and/or negotiating for a high 'C' (3157) looking to develop in those areas?

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I went to a course by a compnay (CMA) based on Getting to Yes.  I was blown away.  I have even applied techniques from it to some email/memos I have written with great success.



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I really like "Start with No" by Jim Camp.  His basic premise is that you should not trick your "adversary" into saying yes.  You should give him every opportunity to reject you, whilst helping him to see the value of your offering *to him*.  Once he sees the full value he will pay your full price and no-one need haggle.

This approach sounds counter-intuitive, but it works very well as long as:

1) Your offering has value to your adversary

2) Your price is no more than that value

If either of these statements is false, you WANT your adversary to tell you as early as possible so that you can qualify out and devote your energy to a negotiation that is more likely to succeed.

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In addition to the books listed on this web site, I strongly recommend checking out the Best Business Books section of the Personal MBA web site : .

There are sections for communication, influence, and negotiation. I just finished "How to Win Friends and Influence People," and I think that book might help you out here.

- BJ

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I have read Getting To Yes and actually coached Mike's organization years ago in negotiating.  Getting to Yes is the best book I know on the subject. It is outstanding.


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Ever hear of a company that discounted intself into bankrupcy?

Sometimes you should not negotiate especially on the price of your product.  I would recommend " How to Sell at Margins Higher Than Your Competitors" Winning Every Sale at Full Price, Rate or Fee. by Steinmetz/Brooks.  It is incredible at helping you understand what lowering your price really does to your bottom line.  The math is very simple but very powerful and goes against the "I will make it up in volume" line which tends to be false. 

Before you negotiate any sale or terms you would need to understand where you can give and where you should not and the effect it has on your (company's) bottom line.


Jorge from China, Mexico

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I actually just finished "Getting to Yes" and would agree with all the recommendations here. It promotes fair and pragmatic negotiating and helps to ensure an agreeable outcome for yourself.

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I found this book very useful

The Art and Science of Negotiation by Howard Raiffa

There is also a good wiki on negotiation


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I took a crash course in negotiation with Getting to Yes...ok, it was listening to the audiobook on my iPod while driving and flying to the meeting.  I found the concepts easy to understand and immediately actionable.  It really helped me be confident in the meeting and lead the discussion.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Ken (dad2jnk)

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I'm very late to this conversation; however, I would also recommend "Getting Past No."  It is a book written by William Ury (the co-writer of "Getting To Yes").

This book expands on the principles of the original book and is an excellent read IMHO.

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 I've just read Getting to Yes like Mark suggests: after Cialdini, I would recomend it


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I have read Getting to Yes. I read their second book on emotions. I have also read Dummies guide to negotiating. I finally read Roger Dawson's book on negotiating. I liked Roger Dawson's the best, but it helps to understand the concepts of Getting to Yes.