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 I've just been charged with selling an aging inventory of non-fiction books to audiences in the Christian missions world. Actually, I've been asked to oversee someone to do the selling, while I am responsible for the strategies. We have 6 months to make a difference. The person who will be selling has no experience in sales at all. She does have an aptitude for it. I have not worked with her directly before, but we do have a good relationship.

What resources would you recommend? Reading material for her to get some basic understanding of effective selling? Where do I start? Is it okay to jump into this more-or-less coaching model right away, given our shortened timeline?

Thanks for the advice!

Eric Durbin

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I really liked SPIN-Selling by Neil Rackham -

I believe there is a thread on this site that talks about more books - have a search, if you can't find anything I'll dig thru my notes.