Hi Everyone;

I need some advice.

I am responsible for Marketing (executive) in an institution, the regional director moved to HQ, but He is still the director of the region, there is new VP in the region. A Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan & Budget has been approved by Regional Director, When I started the implementation the VP started to ask for more info and even stopped some of the activities which where in the plan. Regional Director sent an email to finance and VP to give full support to marketing but nothing changed. 

To get things done, I need to re-explain and get re-approval again and again. It makes the marketing and Sales process slow and wastes my time. I have already communicate this with the VP, but he simply want the approved plan and budget to be changed and get smaller. 

I do not want to escalate the issue to the director or even higher as I have good relation with the VP, we just can not agree on the approved marketing plan. Time is running and We need to have the promised result by fall and winter term.

Should I listen to the VP and do what he asks? or should I listen to VP but let the director know that plans and its revenue forecast will not happen due to these matters, So I will not be responsible for what was promised in the marketing plan? or Should I wait until fall and tell to my team to do their best with what ever we have, and if we do not get the result then I give my opinion as explained above?

Or any other idea. If you need more info let me know to share ;)






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Who is your boss?  The VP or the Regional Director?

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VP report to R.D.

I report to VP and R.D. in the same time.

but VP is my manager. VP has limited budget approval power and R.D. has unlimited budget approval power. (he can approve any amount)

R.D. is the decision maker and owns part of the company in partnership with his brother.


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