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 I am moving into a new role where my team will be aligned to an SVP in another division (I am part of a centralized functional team). The new SVP asked to meet with me and my boss (his peer) to discuss my role and responsibilities.

Insead, my boss told me that he has a 1:1 with the SVP planned and did not schedule the meeting for the three of us. (my colleague tells me that this is a pattern when it comes to his peers; he doesn't include his directs in those conversations)


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It may seem frustrating at the moment.

I recommend that you wait a while.  Perhaps a month or so.

Since the New SVP asked to meet with you and that didn't happen it would be wisest for him to ask again, not you.

Don't push your Boss at this time.  He obviously has some reason for not including you.  It may be his own problem and completely irrational, but it is still his reason.


One of two things will probably happen (maybe both) either :

A - the new SVP will start insisting that you come - on his own.

B - Your Boss will get tired of playing telephone game and relaying all of the information to you.  Especially when you ask him about the contents of the meetings.  -- Be careful not to sound annoyed when you ask.  Try to ask about the information as calmly and "matter of factually" as possible.

Behave "as if" this is complete normal.


If the new SVP asks you why you have not been attending - be calm and professional.  Explain simply that your Boss has not yet invited you to the meetings yet.   If he asks why, they blandly say that you are not sure.


What I am suggesting is that you not "tattle" or "drop a dime" on your Boss, even with your body language.

Let his actions speak for themselves.  his peer VP's will see it for themselves. -- Do your best to stay out of the way.

After a few months - if there continues to be a Deluge of information channeling through your Boss, then you can suggest that it might be more effective if you attend the meetings together.


That's my suggestion.  Let's see what the other experienced folks on the Boards have to say.



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 Thanks, very wise advice. I will let you know what ensues.