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The presentation podcast was what I've come to expect from MT.

The thing that changed my perspective:

Dissonance... is... a... powerful... tool... to... gain... a... listeners... attention.

It's clear in the podcast.

When you slow down I listen up.

Visual and auditory dissonance is a tool I've seen only one person use regularly.

And by regularly I mean any time he spoke to me about my work.

There I was, listening more closely than I'd ever listened.

I didn't even realize at the time how effectively he was communicating.

I was mentally going over each sentence, phrase, word he said in my head 30 times before he would finish.

In this way he forced me to listen closely and carefully consider my reply.

This is not my natural tendency.

Wow, I thought he had a speech impediment.

I guess I was the one with the impediment.

- poncho

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Interesting. I like the way you mirror his style in your writing. It made me pay attention. Written dissonance?

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Everyone seems so sped up these days that when I encounter someone that speaks a little slower and more deliberately I definitely take notice. Mixing speeds may be an effective way to highlight your important messages.

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I'm glad you liked the post. Glad the pauses in the post weren't too gimicky. It's striking, when Mark slows down I automatically pay attention.

- poncho

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Mixing speeds IS a standard speaking device (which very few people use).

Communication skills have become something like management skills - somehow folks assume they can't be taught - and small efforts get you BIG returns.