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My boss has my staff in his office all the time and I'm not updated on the deliverables or timelines. No updates at all. How concerned should I be?

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Why not just ask for them?  First, from your directs - as in "what projects, with due dates do you have".  Once you know what is on their plates & who assigned the work, you know what they are doing.

Second, ask the boss for an update.  You have the direct's version, make sure it corresponds to what the boss has.  Communicate if you see issues.  Don't make it about you, make it about being more effective. Remember you can't change your boss.  If s/he wants to delegate directly to your people, that's the boss' right.  If you are responsible for their year end review though, you owe it to them to know what they are doing.

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Thanks for giving me actionable feedback. I think you hit the nail on the head that I'm making it about me, not the directs as I should be.

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Novakane, there is a podcast which can help you in the situation you are in: never step out in the middle

I think you can ask to sit in.  Do listen to the podcast because you will put your mind on focusing on your directs and on being efficient to your boss.  Once you have that mind set, you can ask to sit in.  

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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You need to know of all major deliverables owed and timelines, so that you can coach and mentor your teams to meet the goals. Or at least to re-negotiate, re-set expectations. 


I have found that there is an area though where there might be smaller deliverables, conversations that are more developmental in nature, that we managers need not be part of.


Just some thoughts!