Hello there.

I started listening to podcasts because of the BBC podcast "In Business" with Peter Day. I don't know what's happened to it since then, but I absolutely loved his delivery. In looking for more content, I started searching for more business podcasts and happened onto MT.

I really love your easy, fluid delivery. I have tried some other podcasts where it's possible the information was good and/or useful, but the delivery was so dry and uninteresting that I stopped. Way to go!

About me:

I'm an American actor who moved to Prague as a way to get some perspective. I started getting work in American and British films shooting here that needed native speakers for smaller parts. So far I've acted in many feature films (the Illusionist with Edward Norton just opened in select theaters) and commercials.

Why am I interested in a business podcast? I guess it's that I've always felt that I'm terrible at business. I'm trying to get other projects going here (an acting school, an english language theater), and I never seem to break through. I don't know if all of the tools are applicable, but certainly as soon as I am part of a larger organisation (larger than just me, I mean), many more tools are more directly relevant. Feedback is, as you've brought up, useful in everyday life.

My finace just got promoted to be the General Manager of our local english language paper and I'm trying to get her to take some time and listen to the podcasts. I also let my brother know about it as he is currently climbing the corporate ladder at Kenworth Trucks in Seattle.

Any time any of you are in Prague and want a special tour, drop me a line!


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Welcome Brian!

Glad you're with us. I think we can help, and hope that what we share helps you become more effective.

I've been told Prague is one of the best cities in Europe, so we'll take you up on that when we come.