It's time to replace my current briefcase. I just received a new promotion and I am attending a lot more meetings off-site and my current briefcase is not very professional.

Looking around I was quickly overwhelmed...Leather, no leather....

Any ideas or expierence to share?

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This thread has delved into this topic:

Are any of those suggestions useful?


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Thanks. I'm trying to avoid the techie gear bag, I was looking for more of a bag to take to off-site meetings, clients offices, etc. The basics then are:

Leather, something similiar to - 40k


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What matters is: 1) does it hold what you need?, and 2) does its look convey what you want to convey about yourself?

To me, a bunch of buckles and straps looks junky and anything other than black, charcoal, or dark brown (maybe beige with the right suit) looks amateurish. Women have more colors available to them, but color is distracting and can imply a playfulness or youthfulness that undermines perceptions of professionalism. Leather or ballistic nylon are both good, canvas and other soft natural fibers are bad. Backpacks make adults look like children. Messenger bags? Nobody’s impressed when you enter a room then whip the shoulder strap over your head, messing up your hair and tearing a button off your blazer. (And that little trick of holding the bunched-up strap like a briefcase handle isn’t fooling anyone...)

Execs are not going to place much weight on what bag you have, but if you want to convey professionalism and efficiency (and style), go for a black bag with clean lines (minimal clasps, zippers, pockets, etc) and a removable shoulder-strap. A bag that doesn’t get attention is the perfect choice—after all, you want them looking at you.

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Mark wrote this on the forum suggested obove. The items they carry are really nice and, if I have understood you correctly, something in the line of what you are looking for?

[quote]Tumi bags are very nice...but Hartmann are the best... and executives agree.

Mark Horstman
Manager Tools[/quote]

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Get something that works for you
(for example, if you use mass transit every day, you want something with an integrated strap, so your hands are free...if you carry a laptop everyday, make sure it's padded...if you open it in transit, make sure that's easy to do...)

Buy something that will look good a year from now...or two years from now...or fifteen years from now...

Sure, get something that says what you want to say about yourself...but make sure it does so with a quiet most industries, the wise choice of briefcase is based on functionality and not on fashion.


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Hugh is spot on - avoid fashion. Leather is safe, Congac or Black. I have just changed to a Gladstone as I worry about attache-style briefcases shedding papers everwhere. My older one was a larger top-opening type but it died through overload.

Be rigourous and keep internals clear of junk. Externals should be simple and sleek rather than overloaded with pockets and dangly bits.


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