I just started a new job and my manager wants to load company email and calendar on my personal iPhone. I’ve never allowed this before due to protecting my personal information and device from others’ control and prying eyes. 

How should I handle this with my new boss in my third week?



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Hi Doug,

At most companies I've refused to use my personal device for work emails.  Largely for privacy and work/life balance reasons.  I think if a role requires a device or access to email on a phone then the company should provide one.  What if you didn’t' have a cell phone?  One of my directs only has a flip-phone as his personal phone, we wanted him on email, so we supply an iPhone.   

In my most recent position I've relented some and requested the company email along with the security controls necessary.  I found they're not as invasive as I had imagined and I'm happier using my own phone and upgrading on my own terms.  I do have to remember to shut off notifications when I'm on vacation though or I'll end up working all day answering emails on my phone.

I'd just have an honest conversation with them that you're not really comfortable with the company emails on your personal phone and discuss what options might exist.  Is the email and calendar required for your position or just a "nice to have"?  If it is required, then they should provide a company phone and your boss may just be assuming you would prefer it on your own device for simplicity.  If it isn't required for your role, and you can be effective without it then not having it on your phone shouldn't be an issue.

As a side note at my prior company I was consulting at a large corporation. I got to work one morning, and everyone was freaking out; there was clearly something wrong.  It turned out that during the night the company security software had wiped the phones of 1500+ employees, both personal and company phones.

Good luck,



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Is it possible to use the Web Browser on your phone / tablet / laptop to access the Email and Calendar that your company wants you to use ?

This way there is no intrusive App to install.

If you are on Salary they can ask you to check email while not at the office, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to use a particular device.

Could you ask them what the "goal" is for this?  Without getting into the specifics of how that goal is met.

Good Luck