Do I give an honest appraisal of my boss's friend after interviewing him or defer to politics and just go along with it?

My boss wants to bring someone into our team that she worked with before.  I have been asked to interview him although I am sure my boss has already decided and she wants him in our team.

Do I just play politics and go along with the interview and raise no objections even if I see some?  Or do I document my objections even if I'm certain they will be ignored and may cause tension between my boss and I?



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I would talk to the boss. I would say something along the lines of "If you have already made the decision to hire him, then there is no need for me to interview him. If you have not yet made the decision, I will give you my honest opinion after the interview, as I would with any candidate. Does this meet your needs?"

I have found that actually saying things that are bothering me or worrying me tends to resolve them 95% of the time.