Greetings MT folks,

I am having a difficult time citing accomplishments in my earlier positions.

-My org does not do a very good job of providing measures, how can I communicate effectiveness?

I'm working on v.1.0 of the MT style resume and would really appreciate some feedback from the knowledgeable subscribers of this forum.

[u]My Resume link:[/u]

My experience is limited, so After listening to the "Stinking Resume" cast I knew I needed to reevaluate.

This is a very rough first draft (although I feel it is 100% better that my previous format, even in its infancy) Any feedback is welcome, I wont take it personal.


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Hi Kirk,
Regarding the training you've conducted:

TIP: since you've got a qualitiative measurement (you're the most knowledgeable person of 30), I'm guessing there's some form of evaluation available to you. Pour over it looking for other items.

For example: Any improvement in scores: do people test better now than they did before the training? Do they test better now than they did after receiving some previous version of the training?

Another idea: consider some of the impacts of reducing training from 20 weeks to 8 weeks (that's BIG!):

It is possible to measure the financial impact (you've reduced the "cost" of training. You've increased the productivity of the staff. There's ways to measure the financial impact of reducing training time from 20 weeks to 8 weeks - because by doing so, you've freed up more time for people of be on the job, rather than in training!).

What about customer/patient service indices? Again, by reducing the amount of time staff spend in training, you've "added coverage" in the offices, on the wards, etc.

What about employee satisfaction indices? People like their job more when they feel better trained, and when training odesn't interfere so much with their workloads.


There may be something compelling underneath that statistic about reducing deviations in inventory management by 85%. For example, did that improve your ability to deliver biomedical products on a daily basis? Did it make things more dependable, reduce errors and re-work, make delivery faster, increase satisfaction with your services?

And Your First Job:

Three years is a good long time - I gotta think we can find some measures...

Go back to the measures that involve "Responsible for arranging the safe and timely shipping and receiving of blood and blood products in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration and Code of Federal Regulations"

What measures are associated with "safe" - and how were they tracked?

What measures are associated with "timely" - and how are they tracked?

What measures are associated with "in compliance" - and how are they tracked?

What improved during those three years?

Sorry for any typos - this is sort of stream-of-consciousness - hope it helps you.

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Your feedback is priceless, THANK YOU!
I’m going to work on some more measures & dig up a lot of data. I’ll be posing a revised edition soon.

Thanks so much for your time