I’m currently considering pursuing other opportunities.

A company I use to work for some four years ago is one I would like to approach as a prospect. At that time when I left, the company had undergone an intense restructuring during the year prior to my departure. When I handed in my resignation my manager had expressed regret upon my decision to leave the company.

I have been considering approaching this manager to express my interest in rejoining the company if an opportunity became available in my area of interest. Unfortunately, during this past four years I have not maintained a relationship with this person. Is it to late to approach this individual at this point? If not what would be the best way to open a dialogue to express my interest in returning? :?

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It's completely okay... even more, it would be silly not to. happens all the time.

Call the manager. Apologize for not having stayed in touch. If you have 6 months and simply want to get reacquainted first, fine. If not, tell him you're considering a move and you keep coming back to the great experience you had there, and you'd love to talk about opportunities for someone with your skills.

Have your resume ready, and put a smile on your face.

Good luck!


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As always many thanks. :D