I have to manage the communication of a startup of about 70 corner franchising.

Our business model relies on frequent updates on the local shop sites. News, events, pictures and some products will be personalized for every shop. Corporate identity will be always present but in a light way.
How can a franchisee become a content manager for his own shop in a corporate site?
By an extremely easy interface,  as it is to update a blog. It all embedded in a corporate site.
I supposed it was just a question of tools and I didn’t pay much attention to this problem.
When I looked through CMS, a lot of them, even the most expensive custom made; I realized that them all are too complex to use and to manage and too slow to update for a shop manager.
If I will not find a solution, the franchisee will not regularly update the local sites and our business model will fail.
Thank-you for suggestions!!!


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Manager Tools is a rich site, but it's not really a "technical tools" site - it's a "people tools" site.  You might find posting your inquiry somewhere like to be more fruitful.

Good luck!

John Hack