I came across this book while doing research for a work.  I got it cheaper at

Its unreal.  I think its now the largest book it own!

It has great executive summaries of lots of books and academic research articles.  It also has about 100 mini biographies on many of MT's favorite people, like Drucker. 

The cover says "An MBA between 2 covers" and I really do believe it!

The main sections in the book are

Best Practices - People and Culture, Marketing, Strategy and Competition, Finance, IT/Information Management, Systems, Leadership, Structure, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance, Renewal and Growth, Productivity, Personal Effectiveness - each of these sections have 15-20 articles or books summarized.

Almost 300 Management Checklists, a Management Library that summarizes lots of great books, a Business thinkers section (Drucker, Deming, Herzberg to name a few), Management Giants (Buffet, Dell, Gillette, Jobs, Welch) and a HUGE dictionary.

This will now be my definitive desk resource on almost anything, along with the casts and forums from here of course!

Jeff in Detroit


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Hey Jeff!

I've seen a copy of this book at my local book store. It's heavier than a brick! Unfortunately it's wrapped in plastic so I couldn't check inside.

Thanks for your summary! I'll definitely pick it up!

Jorrian Gelink

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This book is huge and has a ton of content, but is actually a little short on details for many of the topics.


It's not the type of book you would read through. The coverage is very broad, and it provides a good introduction to almost any topic, but you will certainly need more reading to understand the principles. I got this book two years ago and have been randomly reading two of the topics each day since. I am still probably only a quarter of the way through it!

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Dear All,

I bought this book last month, First I was going to buy “Essential Manager's Manual” by Robert Heller &, Tim Hindle ISBN-13: 978-1405328388, but i red some reviews on the internet that suggested "Business the ultimate resource" to be a better book. Indeed, this book lacks more details on many of the topics, the good things are the suggested materials for extra in depth information like books, articles,  useful web sites ,etc.., I consider it as an directory for business topics rather than a book where you can get comprehensive information on each topic.
I am searching for a good book in coaching and managing people, no theories explained but live examples and situations, problems that challenges a manager or a coach in his career, also topics like Team building, motivation for team members, Conflict , Stress management and problem solving, Personal development practical idea’s, Case studies, etc…

Any suggestions for books that might be helpful?

I appreciate your feedback.


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Hi All


MA73, you asked for a good book about coaching and managing people.  I would recommend "The Tai of Coaching" by Max Landsberg.  It is an easy read but based around real issues.

I bought "Business - The Ultimate Resource" years ago and have found it an invaluable resource.  Yes it does not go into any depth with topics, but provides enough information that I can use and if I want to go into anything further I can.  It even provides the resources for me to do this. 

I continue to receive monthly updates online and find these very interesting and useful.  The checklists have been helpful for me during the startup phase of my business.  I continue to refer to this on and off as needed.


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Looking at its listing, it fails a major test. Any time I am looking for an informational book, I look to see how its used price compares to its Amazon price. If a book sells for a lot less than it's new price, that means a lot of people bought it and don't want to hang on to it.

I started being a lot more selective about the books I buy and that little criteria has helped pick much better ones than I used to.

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Tom, I don't think that criterion is as good as it used to be.

I used to sell books I didn't want any more on Amazon. But now I've been shut out... they don't let small-timers like me do that any more. You have to do a certain amount of volume in your sales.

Therefore, everyone selling used books on Amazon nowadays is in the BUSINESS of selling used books... they're either used bookstores, or I don't know what, but they are no longer individuals who decided the book didn't serve their needs.

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...I'm thinking further... if they are people who pick up remainders at a deep discount and then resell them, I suppose that still holds as an indicator, because it means there were remainders to be had (in other words, it didn't exactly fly off the shelves).