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Mark, Mike,

I listened to the first part of the podcast. I am touched by your emphasis on Attention to Family needs and Family first. Having changed from a prosperous/well settled job (solely for the family reason) and relocated 1000 miles, my residual doubts about that decision, about that change 11 years back were completely laid to rest today. While you have mentioned about family many times in other podcasts, todays discussion struck a chord and made me think deep.

Again you have clearly touched some new areas with practical advice. I look forward to the second part.


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Our pleasure. Glad you've found your path.


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I agree with you Karthik - I was looking forward to the technical side of this cast as I listened while walking to work this morning - but have been pleasantly surprised by the focus of this first instalment. I moved from a senior management position in Sydney, 500 miles to a small regional town (30K people) for my family and our lifestyle. I have struggled for a few years to find a job in a much smaller market and have finally found a position (a step or two down the ladder) that is close to home and has the freedom to spend the time with my family that the move was designed to give us. (The previous financial cast would have been great three years ago, but might have stopped me taking the leap).

Anyway thanks M&M for again showing us the breadth and depth of your thoughts on management. The idea of family might at first seem a long way from the 'blocking and tackling of day to day management - but this cast shows it should be at the very core.

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I started putting family time (and office departure time) into my calendar before scheduling work activities about 18 months ago (after years of unplanned lateness).

I can attest to what Mark is describing:

- My family knows I care.
- I'm forced to be more effective at work.
- When I am scheduled to be late (which is not unusual) it's still easier on everyone.
- No guilt, no recriminations, it's all good.

The most surprising thing was the improved effectiveness at work. It never crossed my mind, but it happened nonetheless.


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Ahhh: the hidden gem of the cast.

Well done John.


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[b]Family first[/b] -

Now, it might sound very simply :shock: but

I have really gotten the meaning of the turm - [b] being a professional[/b] - much better :idea:

This is a big advanage to undestand this stuff with 26 !

Thank Mark and Mike :!: :!: :!:

Yours sincerely


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I loved this conversation in the podcast. I remember a few years back when I was an entry-level consultant. I went to the Hotel bar/restaurant to have a late-night dinner, and ended up bumping into a very high-level manager from my company.

He wasn't married and was in his late 40's, and he told me that you have to pick one or the other if you want to be really successful in your work. To a young guy with big aspirations, that was quite a dark night for me!

Since then, one thing I've always asked mentors about is how they manage the balance between family and career. Although I have no family now, I do plan to have one, and I think the balance is important.

I was glad to hear what you guys had to say, and I do agree with you that in the long run, both career and quality of life are better if a fair balance is reached.

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Thanks for sharing your experience and your thoughts on that!

Best wishes


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[quote="jupiter"]Thanks for sharing your experience and your thoughts on that![/quote]

Sure! :)

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My father did not put "family first," and I rarely saw him. My mother constantly warned me to not bother Dad, since he worked hard all day.

Since that's the lesson I learned, that's how I conducted my life as well.

So, to all of you youngsters out there -- if you do not put "family first," you will definitely grow to regret it.

My kids are grown now, and I do regret it. On the bright side, I'm teaching my kids now how wrong I really was, so hopefully the pattern can stop with them.

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Great comments folks.

Work will reward you more quickly...but family will reward you forever.