Hi again, all you MT professionals. I was just head hunted (ooops - Sorry Mark, I meant to say recruited :wink:) for a position with a software development company. Having listened to M&M's podcasts, I breezed through the initial interview and am now having a phone interview with the hiring manager (Yay me! :lol: )

Appreciating that that job description often has no correlation to reality, it does bother me a bit that the position reports to both a COO and a VP of Biz Dev.

Any ideas why such an interesting combination would exist and potential landmines this could trigger? Thanks to all. The collective wisdom in MT-land is amazing.

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Well all you MT disciples, I am guessing you are all dying to know what happened with my second phone interview.

It went smashingly well and I am on to the next stage. The odd dual reporting hierarchy is that the VP reports to the COO, so I have a direct line to the COO and indirect to the VP. Gotta love bad job descriptions :)

BTW, I asked the VP point blank what would differentiate the candidates and he answered "It is all about serious fit." No big surprise there. The big surprise was his stating "We will take a huge tradeoff in the areas of fit versus technical skills/industry experience and grow the person. Our culture is too important." So pretty much quoting Mark's premise that good managers will take more enthusiasm and spunk over skills (all things being equal).

Thanks again to Mike and Mark for their great insights. I can't wait for the face-to-face and getting to use the close.

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Glad it worked out!

Get used to messier org charts. Working for two bosses is harder...and MUCH more likely in your future.