There are 2, possibly three openings at the same company that I am interested in.  Should I apply for just one, two or all three?

All three of these jobs are in a division of a large multi national.  This is a great company that I have had my eye on for sometime.  The first opening is more of a slight step backwards from my current level. However, being that this company is in a different industry I feel I might need to take that step as a way to get on the inside.  The second opportunity is more of a lateral move.  The last opportunity is a step up.   I am inclined to apply for the lateral and step up openings, but am not sure if it will look good to the recruiter if I apply for two openings.  My strategy would be to do an awesome interview, thanks to the interview series.  If the recuriter thinks I am a great canidate, but maybe not for lateral or step up then I could switch gears to the step backwards opening.

I would love to hear what the MT community thinks.


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I recently applied for multiple positions at the company I am with now. 3 of these are all at the same site, not where I am currently located with the company. Of those, I have heard back about 1 of the positions and have a series of interviews set up for next week. 1 of the positions has been withdrawn. The final position has not provided any update as of yet. If I get an offer after the interview series I have next week, and I decide to accept, I will not be eligible for another move for 18 months. Keep this in mind when deciding to apply for multiple positions. Of these 3, the one I have interviews for is a lateral move while the other 2 would have been/are a promotion from what I am doing now. I applied for the lateral move because it would get me into a production role which will help with my marketability in future moves.

I hope this helps.



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I would go for all them.  You don't know who the hiring manager is and you never know the internals.  I applied for multiple jobs at a company and watched as one after another got pulled by either upper management or re-organization.  If you apply for one and don't get it, you will wonder if you could have gotten the other ones and you may not have that chance.  Take what's in front of you and submit for all three - remembering to tailor your resume for each.  Especially if you are trying to change industries, different managers will have different views of your outside industry experience - again, you don't know how that will play.  Some may see that as a plus, others a negative.  Better to try for all three and get one than try for two and get none.  It also shows you are interested in the company as a whole.


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 Here is a reason to apply for all of them. One of the three I mentioned above has been withdrawn by the company. If you fail to apply for all you may loose an opportunity to join the company. Interested in hearing what M & M have ti say about this subject. 

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If the orignisation is of a size, then they are likely to have internal recruiters.  Generally these will be very, very good contacts to make - especially the onese that are focused on building a "bench" for the organisations future needs.

Ideally they would meet with you for a prelim interview and then work with you to assess where best you sit in the organisations.  But even a chat might be enough to help firm up the options.

Worst case, is that you have got your name in front of them and have an oppertunity to build on that relationship.

Personally I wouldn't apply for all three with them being at different levels.  It sends mixed signals in terms of your own confidence to do the higher role and that you would be unsatisified with the lower role.

I too would love to know the thoughts of M&M on this one.