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Your boss can't write an email without leaving out vowels. Yes, that's boss feels that his emails can be written without vowels.
Pls c ths cust bout cmplnt made bout srvcs prv dscused

Translation = Please see this customer about a complaint they made about services we previously discussed. I actually had to walk across a building to get this translation.

When I gave him some peer feedback about his writing style and how it has deteriorated over the last few months he tells me that he is trying to save time. I responded by telling him that I had to come see him for a translation taking 15 min of our time. In know, I know...u cnt gve fbk 2 yr boss...

He has taken this "writing" to extremes and sent emails like this to his bosses boss who has gotten very angry about it and responded with a hearty WTH! He refuses to consider that it comes across as rude and unprofessional.

Does anyone else have someone like this?

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Personally I'm with you and think this is unprofessional. There's a fine line between believing you are saving time and really doing so on behalf of the organisation as a whole.

I actually read the sentence and got it - but only because I am an online gamer and used to reading English written in this way (if you could call it that!).

If it's having a negative affect on people then I think he should be reconsidering his communication method. If others haven't expressed this to them (i.e. his own boss) then I don't know there is a lot you can do about it.

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I know lots of managers who do this, and it's silly and rude and unprofessional.

And you can't give feedback to your boss.


PS: When you use the peer feedback model, and the recipient "defends", NEVER respond ("I told him I had to come see him...") with anything more than, "hey, just thought you'd want to know..."

A response to a defensive reply to peer feedback is almost always detrimental to your message.

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Thks 4 d fbk..rofl

I'll try to control myself when it comes to his defensive answers. I grew up in a household where the only way you got respect was to ARGUE over everything. It sometimes comes out when I get frustrated.