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Hey guys, was hoping for some fellow MT peeps to give me some insight on the current scenerio I find myself in.  My director is currently away on business and just yesterday his boss (a DG) and the CEO plucked me out of a team meeting I was having with my directs to talk to me about replacing my current director effective in June until October as a trial and possibily longer as they plan on moving him elsewhere ASAP.  I am supposed to inform them of my decision soon, but my question really is around the fact that it seems like they are skirting around my current director.  Should I give him a heads up?  Does that kill any trust with my potential new boss if I agree to take on this added responsiblity?  I am pretty certain my current director will be upset and take this negatively.  Appreciate any comments/feedback.



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Hi capdev!

My recommendation is to tread lightly here. At the end of the day, Role Power dictates that your one-over (the DG) and CEO are your primary concern. Odds are that they have been in contact with your boss about the pending change, but on the off-chance that they haven't, having your boss learn it from you instead of them could have very negative consequences. 

A reasonalbe approach may be to ask them, "Thank you for the consideration....excited about the opportunity....Do you mind if I talk this over with my boss to better understand what the job entails?" Odds are they will be happy for the two of you to talk, but it allows them the opportunity to ask you to wait in the off-chance that they have not yet communicated with your boss. 



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Some honest feedback. I'd avoid using the term "peeps" when referring to people. I find it mildly annoying.

Otherise I agree with everything spricejr wrote. Condidering they pulled you out of a meeting when your director was gone, and did not bring up the subject in a joint meeting with your director, It seems there could be significant factors in play you're not aware of. I could be a huge mistake to assume everything's blissful in paradise.