Hi all,

I have been reading a lot on MT and I find discussions and experience sharing very enriching for me, thank you all for contributing to such a great source of knowledge!

This is my first post here and I will be glad if you take the time and effort to share your thoughts with me as I do not have a wealth of experience behind my back.

I am interested in what your comments are regarding using a more open minded management style which seems to me is more in line with contemporary business environment. It seems to me this is especially so in software industry where employees are usually highly educated, intelligent and have both unique contribution and need to perform brain work rather than simply doing repetitive tasks.

Here is an article which explains in more detail the type of leadership I mean:

My 3 questions I would appreciate your comments on are:

1) Do you think this is the new way forward, given the dynamics and agility in modern, quickly changing industry as software? Do you think that this can empower employees and innovation and help the business not to fall behind in such a quickly evolving and competitive field?

2) Do you think that a young manager could be wrongly mistaken and perceived as 'immature' or 'empty-headed' or 'indecisive' because of employing such a modern and opened management style which differs from authority power based management style?

Note, that with this style, the responsibility and final decision is still with the manager and the principle of 'share the praise, own the blame' is still valid.

For example, a growing company faces a lot of problems but it seems to me that this type of management combined with formal procedures that are not simply bureaucracy but gathering the knowledge on the table at the relevant levels will make decisions and dynamics better, do you think this is true?

3) Do you think that there is still stigma related to young managers and innovative ways of leadership applied or suggested or proposed by them? If you think there is still stigma attached would you please elaborate more on this?

Thank you very much for all your inputs and regards,