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My company has a long-standing relationship with a particular recruiter. He's been the source of many new hires over the years and I've personally worked with him to find several of my direct reports.

I've decided to begin looking around at other job opportunities and my question is this: should I keep this a secret from the recruiter or should I enlist his help in seeking out those opportunities? What's the risk of the recruiter telling someone at my company that I've begun to look around?

My guess is that the risk is low--it seems to me that betraying my confidence would have little upside for him--but I'd welcome any thoughts on this.



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I'd be careful about talking to this recruiter. I wouldn't rule it out, but I'd be careful.

If he has a long-standing relationship with your company, then chances are good he has other contacts in your industry/area. However, chances are CERTAIN he knows what side his bread is buttered on, and that side ain't you. It's much more important for him to keep your firm happy than for him to pick up a small commission by helping you go elsewhere.

This comes down to how much you trust him, and your own sense of how your boss would react if she found out through the grapevine you were thinking of moving on. 

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Depending on the type of relationship he has with your company he might either be precluded from working with you or might not want to (don't bite the hand that feeds). I would ask some people you know for a referral. There's plenty of good recruiters out there, and there's a chance this one is a problem waiting to happen.

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 I'd add one dissenting opinion, here. If you have, as a manager, hired a number of applicants from this recruiter, she may (rightfully) believe that she owes you a favor in return. But be cautious about the recruiter's relationship with others in your company. If they're the person HR refers you to when you need to hire, then stay away.

Personally, I have a few recruiters I worked with who are not "the company's" recruiters. I'd feel entirely comfortable about reaching out to them and that they would maintain confidentiality.