Dear Managers,

I'm looking for a visual to help my team follow through with the integration of two offices. We have one office in South America and another one in Germany. I'm looking for a visual that helps motivate my team to think outside the "geographic boundries" of the office they work from. I would like them to coordinate processes also with the people in the "other" office, To be motivated to help train new personal not only in their own office but also the away office.

Any ideas for a great visual?

Thanks, Andre

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I would try and base the visual on the result you are trying to achieve.  Are you trying to reduce costs by avoiding duplication?  Provide 24 hour support? Enter new markets?  Streamline processes? Integration for integration's sake isn't very compelling.  Focusing on the underlying objective helps people view the situation as it is now vs how it could / should be and to understand the need for change.

Hope that helps. - Sam

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Without specifics of your goal it's a bit hard to help, however more generally...


When building regional terms / integrating them, I watch people's language very closely and pull the up if they are only talking/thinking about their local team. Obviously you do it politely like "what about the other group, how will this impact them?" ... Managers though if they can't get their head around it, get direct feedback on their inability to see the big picture.


Hopethis is usefu.





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How about the famous picture of the "Full Earth?" It shows one planet with no territorial boundaries. Plus, it's a beautiful picture.

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@Sam: the objectives are: 

-> streamline processes
-> learn from each other errors
-> reduce costs

@Stephen: thanks for the tip!

@GlennR: thanks for the idea, I like it!

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Training Badge

My gut reaction to your post was so much more "S" than my typical "D" reaction, that it struck me as funny:  I thought of the Disney World attraction "It's a Small World". 

You are one team.  Regardless of where you are geographicaly, and what language you're singing in, you need to be singing the same song, together.   Now just try to get that song out of your head for the rest of the day!

Cheers from Florida,