I can't secure a job with my first class degree in computer science. I have applied to so many companies but they just keep shooing me away at the first stage. Other times I don't even get a response which is really rude.

My CV has already been checked several times by professionals so the CV is not the issue. I am good at interviews but it's just the fact that I ****ing can't pass the first stage so I don't even get a chance to be interviewed. I am applying to relevant roles as well, ones that specifically highlight that a computer science degree is a must.

The only reason that I can think of is that my GCSE and A-Level results were poor but I thought I made amendments by getting a first class degree, that should cancel those out, right?

All my friends on 2:2 or 2:1 with the same degree have got a job with ease. Should I declare on my CV that I graduated with a 2:1? Maybe these companies are looking for average achievers? Or maybe change my name to John Smith so I don't sound so Asian? I don't know!!

It really is making me furious, because I worked so hard for this ****ing degree and I can't get a job. I want to give up and just find a job behind the counter at KFC because that's what I feel like right now.

It's just so depressing because i feel unwanted and useless.

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When I was laid off I made it my job to put out 15 resumes a day.  That went on for over two months.  If you include the research and the followup it was oceans of time.  Hundreds of submissions netted me less than a dozen interviews.

To tide myself over I took a job as a clerk.  That was 10 years ago.  That clerk's job I "settled" for blossomed and today I'm the head of a department which the company owner personally asked me to organize.  Don't be afraid to take something a little less than you want for now.  Use that as an opporunity to demonstrate your worth.  Having the education often isn't enough - you need to be able to make your credentials evident by what you acheive.  Even something less than what you ultimately want can be rife with opportunities to build your resume'.

I'm genuinely sorry to hear about your struggles my friend.  Remember that just because other people can't see what you're worth doesn't mean you're worthless.    Keep the faith.  Time will wear away the stone.  Eventually you will show them.