I twice tried to post to the main page to add my valuable insight on the 'Party' podcast, which I though was great. On clicking 'Submit' nothing happened - and my text was lost.

What am I doing wrong? :?

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You're doing nothing wrong. To prevent spam, the first post anyone makes on the blog is moderated (by me). I can understand how that might be confusing! I'll see what I can do to make that more clear when folks comment on the blog.

In any case, your comment wasn't lost ... it's on the blog now in all its glorious color, dance boy. ;-)


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Thanks Mike - much appreciated..

I'm heading off for the US now to meet with some of my folks over there - Atlanta then Dallas... so much for 'virtual' teams! :)

Luckily, my iPOD is full of Manager Tools 'back episodes'... so the flights should be great, and unlike when I listen in the car, I'll be able to sketch some notes and ideas.