I’d like to diversify from IT Business Suport (projects & applications management) to something hands-on. Basically, away from my desk out onto the field onto our crop growing farms on our North African & Portuguese operations.

I have weekly 1-on-1’s with my IT Manager. Overall he is satisfied with my performance.
I told him honestly about my desire to diversify into other departments. 
He acknowledged and noticed that my workday is repetitive and noticed my restlessness, mainly bcs I desire to know something about everything. Some people can do the same task for 40 years. I can’t. I feel stagnating.  The company is great to work for, just my job is sometimes really boring, and I said someday having nothing to do afraid my job can become redundant. His concern is that I am being utilized at 85% and I explained to hm
 I suggested to work (part time) in a different department, to get know more processes, more of the business.  Most ideally…. I whish to get away from my desk and be involved in the agricultural business on location in North Africa. But still remain employed.
He appreciated my honesty and would take this up with our CFO, and would get back to me soon.
In my opinion his reaction was positive. Or not?
My question.
If you received such a honest requst from your direct, then..