Long time listener, occasional poster, under a throw-away for this. I have a career decision I need to make tomorrow (Tuesday) and could help considering my option.

Background:  I'm a Senior Manager at a mid-sized accounting firm that has a small consulting arm. This group started a few years ago and had a goal of growing to 5+ partners and 50+ staff in 3 years.  A few years later and we're at 5 partners and 15 staff with no sign of rapid growth forthcoming.

The opportunity: A consulting only firm approached me about creating and running my own practice. I would not be labeled partner for at least 6 months. The company is European based with a 10 person US presence.   

My key criteria are career growth opportunity, salary, and happiness (ability to feel like I'm achieving something).

The breakdown: (C=Current, N=New)

  • Growth opportunity: C=none for 3+ years. N=6 month promotion to Assoc. Partner, one of 2 for the US and a potential 2 year ramp to head of US (30+ people if growth forecast holds).
  • Salary: C=225k total. N=195k total. In 6 months, N could be 225k+
  • Happiness: C=low to moderate. N=unknown.
  • Geography / Travel: Same

The biggest challenge to me is trading the possibility for growth and self-direction for the responsibility of feeding myself and my eventual team. I've proven I can sell in the past, but haven't had to go and land a new client in a few years - I've been heads down on delivery and up-selling existing clients. 

What else should I consider, or what thoughts can you share?  Thank you for reading.

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You need to consider the new opportunity for what it is right now, not what they may be offering you in 6 months +, the latter is the "dangle".

Why can't they offer for you to be a partner straight away? Why can't they put this offer in writing so that it is concrete for 6 months time?

The possibility to consider is that you move there and are never promoted.

Based on what you've said, this would be too much of a risk for me and I'd hold out for a better offer from them or someone else.


Good luck!


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You need the "Choosing a company to work for" series of Career-Tools podcasts.

In particular, and  If you're a licensee, the shownotes have good example charts to use when comparing two situations. These 'casts address exactly the situation you're in and provide some guidance in how to make a decision.  The previous 8 chapters in the series would be good, but if time is short to a decision, start with the examples.

Dennis Sherman

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 Thanks. I've listened to all of them and am a licensee. I'll go through that specific situation and workbook.  And the point on not banking on a review/promotion to associate partner is quite useful - that's actually a big part of my hesitation.



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 Just following up. I went back through the casts and talked it through with a few folks.  This seems like a good opportunity but not one that provides enough of what I value in the right mix.  This is the second time in my career a cast has come out at just the right time.

Working through the details of the offer in terms of my priorities and values really helped highlight where I had some additional opportunities internally that I hadn't taken advantage of yet.  I'm going to spend a few months working towards that with my partners and see if I can make progress. If not, I'll revisit the job market and seek out something that has the right options for me.